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Nice quality metal

When you select Palmer Tool, LLC, we ensure your job is completed to the highest level of quality. Our quality control department implements both in-house and customer-required hold points.


You'll also experience in-process, third-party inspections, as well as final inspections to ensure all of your job's specific requirements and ASME codes are met.

Thorough quality process implemented for all jobs

Safest work environment possible

While metal fabrication and design work can be dangerous, our team believes it can be completed without injury or pain. Our employees care about your satisfaction and safety, and we come to work daily with the mindset of incurring zero accidents. Your job will be completed safely — that's our commitment to you.


We meet this goal by following the OSHA 10-hour guidelines while also adding helpful topics to the conversation as necessary. At our "tool box talks," we emphasize safety concerns for any tasks, and at our weekly safety meetings, we cover focused topics with an emphasis on securely completing your job.


Our program to ensure safety is used as the minimum requirement for all on-site job work. If you have any specific safety measures or special safety considerations you'd like to see included while we work at your plant, please don't hesitate to let us know.


Reach out to our team today to schedule your project and to ensure our employees have the right safety certification, equipment, and PPE in place ahead of time.

We are here for your emergency or after-hours situation. Call us!


Good quality metals

Upholding high standards of quality and safety