Metal Fabrication is defined as “the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling”. It is a value-added process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from raw materials. Quality control is essential for metal fabrication shops to provide the best customer satisfaction and custom metal products possible.

Core Quality Control Advantages

  • Quality Fabrications – Quality Control leads to increased performance and production. Errors are nearly eliminated using CAD drawing through the entire process, along with multiple review steps and approvals.
  • Long, Productive Partnerships – Great products are enjoyed by both fabricators and clients because it’s a win-win situation leading to an ongoing productive business relationship for all involved.
  • Safe Fabrications – Quality control reduces liability risks from poorly fabricated products. It assures clients that fabricators are only producing finished products which meet or exceed clint specifications.

Metal Fabrication Buyers Should Ask About The Shop’s Quality Control

Metal fabrication is a multi-step process and quality control is a team effort. All parts of the business from management to the shift leaders and other personnel on the floor must work together to identify, resolve, and prevent any quality issues that may occur.

Palmer Excels at Quality Control

Palmer owns the equipment, expertise, and process to perform the stringent quality checks to meet your needs. Whether your quality expectations are limited to dimensional tolerances and surface finish, or whether you require additional testing, Palmer is ready to tailor our quality testing to meet your needs.

Unlike many fabricators and machine shops, Palmer employs a dedicated quality staff (independent from production) to ensure every part we make meets your requirements. As a certified ASME B31.3 shop (Pressure Vessels and Process Piping), Palmer’s quality processes include…

  • Dimensional tolerances and surface finishes to meet your critical specifications
  • Material traceability
  • X-ray testing and die penetrant testing
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing

While Palmer views quality as everyone’s job and we trust our skilled fabricators to build your parts within tolerance, Palmer’s quality system performs multiple inspections (both during and after production). Our dedicated quality staff will verify all parts are within spec, and prepare supporting documentation, BEFORE your job is considered complete.

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About Palmer Tool

Palmer Tool completes critical jobs on-time and on-budget. Since 1966, Palmer has taken on jobs that other shops and contractors either didn’t want, or just couldn’t do. We can fabricate parts in our shops, visit you at your plant, or meet you at on-location (ie. logging, mining, construction, etc.). From the toughest repairs to the most complex new assembly, we’ve seen and done it all. Over the past 50+ years, Palmer has maintained our reputation as a trusted expert welder and fabricator of non-ferrous alloys in demanding applications (high pressure + high temperature chemical plants). Our hard-facing applications, and robust designs, have successfully extended the service life of countless industrial “extreme service” components, saving our clients money! Palmer Tool and Contractors provide on-call emergency services 24/7, because we understand that in manufacturing “the clock never stops”.