Plant Shutdowns and Outages

By leaning on our decades of experience, Palmer has become highly skilled at completing projects during plant shut-downs and outages. Whether you are shutting down a single machine, a production line, or your entire site, Palmer understands the unique challenges and time pressures inherent to outage work.

Safe, On-time, and to Spec

When your company management is depending on your project to be completed safely, on-time, and to spec, you can depend on Palmer to make it happen. Palmer will invest the time upfront to understand your project, scope, schedule, and “pain points”. Our common goal is to minimize “heat of the moment” surprises (which never seem to be the “good kind” of surprises), while planning for contingencies. It may be a cliché, but our approach of “expect the unexpected” has served Palmer and our customers well over the decades. When obstacles arise, you will be glad you hired Palmer. Whether your projects require 1 skilled tradesman or 100, Palmer can offer you solutions (including around the clock).

Did You Know That Palmer is a Full General and Mechanical Contractor?

With over 50 years of experience and our true focus on customer satisfaction, Palmer Tool takes pride in providing quality work on-time and on-budget. We successfully perform jobs ranging from large project work (bid pricing) to ongoing contract work (hourly T&M rates). Our company size is probably in your “Goldilocks Zone”, where we are big enough to have the resources required to complete your job, but small enough to stay focused on your critical project. Palmer Contractors has the knowledge, experience, and skills to complete nearly any mechanical project in the Southeast or Midwest.
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