A rotary valve is a valve without a home, at least until you determine the application and accessories, which can make it either an airlock, feeder, or both. The following explains the different ways a rotary valve can be used…

Rotary Airlock

An Airlock is a valve that separates a pressure differential by sealing off airflow from a hopper, bin, or conveyor. In the pneumatic conveying world, Airlocks are usually found at the beginning of a pressure system or at the end of a vacuum system. Other components that may be considered airlocks are knife gates, butterfly valves, double dump valves, venturis, OR rotary valves. Once the rotary valve begins to turn, it becomes a rotary airlock that separates a pressure differential while material is passing through it.

Rotary Feeder

A Feeder is a valve or device that’s main purpose is metering material into or out of something but is not separating a pressure differential. These can be volumetric feeders, vibratory feeders, screw conveyors, OR a Rotary Feeder.

Rotary Airlock Feeder

A Rotary Airlock Feeder does BOTH, it separates a pressure differential while allowing material to pass through. Imagine a revolving door into a building; it allows material (people) to pass through while maintaining the pressure differential between the building and outside. Rotary airlock feeders are designed to leak air and sacrifice accuracy of metering, BUT… function as both an Airlock and a Feeder simultaneously.

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