Is your rotary valve badly damaged, maybe even “beyond repair”? Do your rotary valves continue to fail before they “should”? Palmer has experience fixing BOTH problems. Whether your damage is caused by abrasion, or corrosion, or “all of the above”, Palmer can likely fix your valve AND help extend your service life.

STEP 1 – Inspect Your Value and Discuss Options

After inspecting your valve, Palmer will discuss your options with you. Damaged shaft or galled bearing? Deep abrasions or gouges in inner liner? Bent, chipped, or worn rotors? Or maybe your valve is simply worn out of tolerance and/or leaking product on your floor? Whatever your issue and whatever your end-use application, rest assured that Palmer has “been there and done that” when it comes to repair of rotary valves. Palmer has experience welding and repairing carbon steel, 300/400 series stainless steel, and non-ferrous alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, etc).

STEP 2 – Should You Hard-Face The Value To Have It Last Longer?

If we see we can help your rotary valve last up to 3X LONGER, Palmer will recommend upgrading your valve by hard-facing wear areas with Stellite or Colmonoy, installing heavy-duty bearings, or upgrading seals and packing. The final choice to upgrade vs rebuild to original spec will be yours.

Have Questions About Rotary Valves, Rotary Airlocks, Rotary Feeders, or Rotary Airlock Feeders?

For questions on sizing or features of your Rotary Valves, contact Palmer Tool today. Palmer has experience building NEW valves and REPAIRING old valves that many shops are unable (or unwilling) to repair. Palmer’s Severe Duty Rotary Valve has PROVEN to last 3X longer than competitor’s valves, and Palmer can REBUILD and/or UPGRADE your existing valve with hard facing alloys, heavy-duty bearings, and improved seals. For more information, visit and read more about your options for Rotary Valves and how Palmer’s Hard Facing works.

Contact us (731-584-4681) to start a no-obligation discussion about your rotary valves.

About Palmer Tool

Palmer Tool completes critical jobs on-time and on-budget. Since 1966, Palmer has taken on jobs that other shops and contractors either didn’t want, or just couldn’t do. We can fabricate parts in our shops, visit you at your plant, or meet you at on-location (ie. logging, mining, construction, etc.). From the toughest repairs to the most complex new assembly, we’ve seen and done it all. Over the past 50+ years, Palmer has maintained our reputation as a trusted expert welder and fabricator of non-ferrous alloys in demanding applications (high pressure + high temperature chemical plants). Our hard-facing applications, and robust designs, have successfully extended the service life of countless industrial “extreme service” components, saving our clients money! Palmer Tool and Contractors provide on-call emergency services 24/7, because we understand that in manufacturing “the clock never stops”.